Asia Venture Investment Partners (AsiaVIP) work exclusively with successful management teams to make equity investments in privately held companies. We invest in a broad range of industries which have strong growth potentials in emerging markets such as China, India, Indonesia and Asean countries.AsiaVIP’s flexible and opportunistic investing strategies allows us to creatively evaluate and structure investments to meet the needs of each situation. We have a vast and reliable network of associates and professionals who are very experienced and well-versed with in investments in Asia.
AsiaVIP professionals possess decades of investment banking, operational and financial advisory experiences. Our engagements are characterized by a high level of hands-on involvement at the senior level to ensure superior execution.

Asia Venture Investment Partners (AsiaVIP)
Capturing the dynamic shift of wealth in Asia!

Inspired by reading "Perspectives on Global Development 2010-Shifting Wealth "
- OECD June 2010

Asia Venture Investment Partners
Capturing the dynamic shifts of wealth in Asia
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