Investment Strategy
Asia Venture Investment Partners
Capturing the dynamic shifts of wealth in Asia
AsiaVIp invests across various industries, focusing on the middle stage of company growth, and given our flexible style, we can be very creative in structuring investments to best meet a company’s needs.

Our potential partners have businesses that are scalable on a national or international basis. We look for companies whose business models have been able to demonstrate both strong customer traction and market leadership, but at a stage of development where an infusion of capital is desired to address an inflection point in the company’s expansion plan.

Our substantial experiences enable us to be value-added members of our partnering companies, and together with management we seek to build world-class organizations, to execute growth plans and generate superior returns. We have excellent relationships with highly regarded professionals in many venture capital, banking, executive search, accounting, legal and consulting firms, and we are eager to share these resources for the benefit of our portfolio companies.

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