Asia Green Oil Palm Group

Asia Real Estate Dynamic Group

Chinese Food International Group

Chinese Gourmet Association

Evergreen Restaurant Group

Golden Phoenix Land and Development Corporation (China) (GPLDC)

Malaysia Palm Oil Association (MPOA)

ShiShan Restaurant

The Foundation of Indonesian Institute of Energy

Chamber of Mines Mongolia (COMM)

Mongolian Coal Association (MOCA)

AIM Traditional Chinese Medical Therapy Center

ITP Academy

Asia Venture Investment Partners
Capturing the dynamic shifts of wealth in Asia
Chinese Duck Snack QSR

Taiwan Agro-Technology Development Corp.

Lonan ZiuLong Molybdenum Mining Corporation

Shanxi Mining Company

HVE Science & Technology Company

UV New Material Technology Ltd.

Ayur Center

Green Industry Cooperation Organization

Shantung Energy Mining Development Company

Taiwan Sea Food Supply Corporation

Asia Clean Energy Corp

Smarten Technology Inc.

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